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Our Mission

Safety, Integrity, Education, Sisterhood, Empowerment, Fun


RMTL is a ladies' shooting club, dedicated to the education and empowerment of all women in order for them to be comfortable with and around firearms, whether solely for home- or self-defense, hunting, or even competitive shooting sports. We believe this empowerment translates to self-confidence that can be carried over from shooting into every aspect of life.  Ladies of all skill levels are welcome - from those who have never handled a firearm before, all the way to those who are interested in shooting competitively. Members and non-members can attend any and all of our events.  We also try to keep everything local as much as possible so that we can have the most direct impact and provide economic support to our surrounding community.


Our founders are Carol Klesser, Kelli Markus, and Germaine Adams. Based in Colorado Springs, CO, we shoot primarily at Izaak Walton/Pikes Peak Gun Club, but occasionally at Pueblo West Sportsman's Association. All of our facilitators are NRA Certified Instructors. The club's focus is all about their members - members get direct input in the club's mission, goals, and direction. Respect, support, humor and positive karma is the basis for how the club is run, and it shows in the atmosphere and attitude of its members. 

Currently our focus is on pistol shooting, but we are looking to expand into long guns, both rifle and shotgun. We are also working toward preparing our more advanced members for competition levels in USPSA and Steel Challenge.

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