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About Us

Our facilitators collectively have decades of shooting experience under their belts.  Their goal is to help every woman who joins the club to become comfortable with any firearm they handle.  Since they are also NRA Certified Instructors, they are available for private instruction/certification classes that can be used toward appying for Concealed Carry permits.

Carol Klesser
Carol Klesser

Co-Founder / Lead Instructor

NRA Certified Instructor

NROI Certified Chief Range Officer

Where to begin with Carol? The backbone and leader of RMTL (both figuratively & literally), Carol got into shooting when she was going through a divorce and realized she needed to learn about self-protection.  A good friend & co-worker took her to the range at that time to try different handguns. Carol felt so strongly about self-protection that she then became a Certified NRA Instructor to help others.  Out of the blue, she decided to shoot a small indoor match in Georgia with another co-worker.  It was January 2004, and that's all it

took; she was hooked on competing and never looked back.  Her impressive competition resumé includes:









Carol's non-competition CV is just as impressive, as she attended the very first ladies camp at Kay and Jerry Miculek’s range, and has been mentored by prominent shooters such as Glenn Higdon, Kippi Leatham, Julie Goloski Golob, Lisa Munson, Kay Miculek, Athena Lee, Dave Sevigny, and Taran Butler.  Her officiating resumé is no less extensive, as she is a certified USPSA Chief Range Officer (one of only a handful of female CROs in the nation) and worked as a CRO at the 2008-2011 & 2013 USPSA Nationals and 2005 International Confederation of Revolver (ICOR) Nationals.  


When Carol is not shooting or officiating, she is keeps her free time filled by working as a worldwide IT director for a Fortune 50 technology corporation, running an RC racetrack business with her husband, and being a wonderful mother & Nana to her 2 adorable grandchildren.

Carol can be reached at

  • 2004 Area 3, 2nd Lady, Limited Division

  • 2004 USPSA National Points Series D Class Champion, Limited Division

  • 2005 Overall D Class Winner, Sunflower Classic

  • 2005 3rd D Class Winner, Rocky Mountain 300 Championship

  • 2006-2009 High Lady, Whistling Pines Gun Club USPSA matches

  • 2007 High Lady, Colorado State Steel Championship

  • 2007 Colorado State Champion, Ladies Shoot Offs

  • 2009 & 2010 2nd Lady, Rocky Mountain 300 Championship

  • 2011 High Lady, Utah State Championship

  • Competed in 2005-2011 Nationals

  • 2006-2010 Member of USPSA Nationals Ladies Super Squad

Kelli Markus

Co-Founder / Treasurer

NRA Certified Instructor

Born and raised on a dairy farm in southern Colorado, Kelli is the youngest of four children.  Having daily chores on the farm taught her and her siblings the value of hard work, and they grew up with solid, Christian values that encouraged them to be happy in life and to be the best at everything they do. She is married with twin adult children, two adult step-children, one awesome grandson on the ground and one more on the way. Her days are spent caring for her toddler grandson and helping special needs children ride horses at Pikes Peak Therapeutic Riding Center.

Kelli has been shooting recreationally for years, but in 2009, she and her husband took a pistol training/CCW course, fell in love with the sport, and haven't looked back since.  They found it was something they could participate in together. One of their favorite pastimes is having little shooting competitions in the backyard off their deck. (They live on several acres.)  Kelli enjoys being an active member of a ladies shooting club -- she started with the intention of learning how to be a better shot, and now she has goals to help other women with their shooting skills.  Kelli is a certified NRA Basic Pistol Instructor and can be reached at

Germaine Adams

Co-Founder / Secretary & Membership

NRA Certified Instructor

NROI Certified Range Officer

Germaine came to know shooting late in the game. Although she grew up with firearms in the house, she was never taught how to shoot or how to handle them (due to a lot of cultural influences coming into play).  As a result, she feared handling them until she was well into her 30s, when she bought her first pistol for home defense.  It wasn't until she took a course many years later for her Concealed Carry permit that she truly became comfortable with firarms and got actively involved with a women's shooting organization.  Since then she hasn't 

looked back and now dedicates much of her spare time toward the advancement of education for women in the shooting sports.

A native of Chicago, IL, and educated at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Germaine and her husband moved to Colorado Springs in the mid-90s. She is also a cyclist and had logged thousands of miles on both her road and mountain bikes until the birth of her son in 2009.  Since then she has existed on little sleep, running after her pre-schooler while remaining involved in the local cycling community, maintaining volunteer work with the March of Dimes, becoming involved with firearms education, and venturing into US Practical Shooting Association (USPSA)/IPSC/Steel Challenge competition and officiating.  In addition to being the RMTL Web Master, Social Media Director, and Media Liaison, Germaine spends her days working in IT for a Fortune 100 shipping company.  She is a certified NRA Basic Pistol Instructor and an NROI Certified Range Officer (for USPSA) and can be reached at

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